Gun Laws in the United States

Gun Control Laws and Murder Rate by State

The “strictness” or ranking of gun laws in a state is subjective and based on whether one views certain laws as being desirable or undesirable from a certain standpoint.  The above data is collected from two very divergent groups with respect to their view on gun laws. The pro-gun rights group ranks the states each year based on best states for gun owners (a.k.a less restrictive laws being “better”). The other group ranks states based on a viewpoint of stronger and more laws regulating guns being more favorable. When plotting firearm murder rates against a ranking of gun stringency laws in all states there is no correlation to be found. This holds true for both instances of ranking stringent gun laws as being favorable or not.

A common deceptive ploy used as evidence of gun control’s success is to show a chart of “gun deaths” plotted against an ordered ranking of a state’s level of gun control laws or even number of firearms in a state. Similar to below:

The deceitfully worded “gun deaths” or “gun violence” conflates both murder rate and suicide rate with a gun. In addition, it tries to persuade the viewer that more stringent laws begets less death by implying that every suicide that is carried out via one method, in this case a gun, would have otherwise not occurred via other means.