Firearms Incidents in the United States

Firearm Incidents per year

Defensive Gun Use - 108,000
Suicides - 21,386
Homicides - 11,008
Accidents - 461

Those pushing for more gun control will often try to mislead by conflating “gun incidents” with actual murders by lumping together defensive gun use, suicides, homicides, and accidental deaths. When actually analyzed, it is clear that homicides make up a much smaller percentage and absolute number than led to believe.  

Non Self-Inflicted Injury Deaths per year

Not caused by firearm - 144,718
Caused by firearm - 12,208

Removing self-inflicted injury deaths (i.e. suicides), firearm deaths make up less than 8% of all deaths from injury (i.e. unnatural causes); behind causes such as poisoning (45,158), motor vehicles (37,267), and falls (32,024).

Gun Murder Rate as a Function of Gun Ownership in the US

One might expect the gun murder rate to increase as the percentage of the population with guns increases. Rather, there is no correlation to between a state’s gun ownership percentage and it’s firearm murder rate.  

Non-Fatal Firearm Violence

Firearm violence as a whole has decreased dramatically over the past 20+ years. Despite this fact, in the 2013 Pew Research Survey, 56% of U.S. adults said the number of gun crimes had gone up compared with 20 years ago. The other 26% and 12% said it had stayed the same or declined, respectively[3]